The sweet transition

As you may know (well I hope that you do), I have been working as a full time professional photographer for quite a long time now. And as in any profession, there are certain tools that one uses to deliver specific things. For me it’s cameras and lenses to create images with! When I first started out there was basically one option to choose from, a professional full frame (35mm) DSLR camera with a good few lenses. There were two main brands dominating the market to choose from and so I went with one of them. I started building my kit around the brand’s ecosystem. And I have been using this system all these years without any problems. But then came mirrorless. Although I usually embrace new tech, the first mirrorless cameras didn’t really convince me. But the mirrorless cameras of today and especially the Sony Alpha full frame cameras, have really lucrative specs that make my DSLR look like a toy. So I went for the switch and for the last few months I have been using both systems, my  full frame DSLR and the Sony Alpha Mirrorless system together. You may think but why would you do that, carry two different setups? Well, the answer is simple. When you have been using the same system for years, switching to an entirely new one takes some time, at least for me, to adjust. Some time to feel confident that this new system will be giving you the same – if not superior – quality. I find myself using the Sony Alpha system more and more nowadays, leaving the DSLR behind, feeling totally confident and getting used to the new controls and menu.  This post is about this sweet transition and so I wanted to share a recent on location shoot I did for DE Sunglasses, a fantastic Greek brand for eyewear. The shoot took place in snowy Parnassos and was all done with Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras. I would like to thank all my team for their great work (Yiorgos Mesimeris, Mary Rokkou, Alex, Konos, VW Gratsias, Lush Management) and also for helping me create the video below. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did on this particular shoot!

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