Lavrio Playground

This habit of getting together with people I have met through instagram and I now consider friends is something that really excites me. I have been busy lately and didn’t have enough free time for instawalks, but this Saturday I managed to squeeze into one.

I am very easy with all this, I go with the flow and what matters to me the most is getting together with my friends and having a laugh, rather than trying to find the perfect location to shoot a pic with a smartphone. Besides, there is beauty in any location. The place we decided to explore was in the Lavrio area. And Bill knows the area like the back of his hand. The other Bill had brought helium balloons as props and this is a tribute shoot to him for carrying them along. We snapped away, enjoyed the outdoors and last but not least, we finished it off with a nice meze and tsipouro by the (bad) sea.

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