Metallic Forty

I have neglected my diary I know. I hate excuses but life happens sometimes and it’s too fast so you have to leave some things behind. I’ll try my best now that I am in my forties to better manage my time. This is a rather unusual post for me but maybe one of my favorites. It’s about my birthday party. I was thinking of celebrating my 40th birthday and I wasn’t sure what to do. Invite some close friends for dinner? Invite more for a fun brunch? An afternoon tea party? No. It had to be bigger and more fun. So then it hit me. A party should be a party and the more the merrier is a rule. It had to be a night club, the music had to be perfect for most guests and I had to have premium drinks, just how I like them. So I started searching and it wasn’t long before I visited the brand new location of Athen’s members club, Salon de Bricolage. It was love at first sight! I knew this was the venue for my birthday party, just like I had imagined it; perfect setting and excellent grooves. Now all I had to arrange was the fine drinking, but that was a no brainer to me, being a member of the Grey Goose family all this time. We discussed my party details and they loved the idea of supporting me in this big birthday bash. So as everything was falling into place, all I had to do was fine tune the not so minor details, like the birthday cake that the super talented pâtissier Ianthi created according to the party theme, that was all about metallics.   You can see some of the photos from the big night below! A huge thanks to all of you who joined me in this unforgettable party, for all your warm wishes and perfect gifts. I am truly touched, feel loved and I am very very happy. Hope I don’t have to wait for another decade to repeat this!

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