This short time that I have been working with Stegi, some amazing things have happened. One of them is that I was given the chance to arrange an Instagram event along the lines of the #empty movement that has been happening in museums around the world.

The team at Stegi (Onassis Cultural Center)  is very forward thinking & always edgy in everything that they do, so arranging the event was a breeze. But what’s even better, there are many more digital events to come. I couldn’t be any happier working with such an institution! Here are some of my shots from the event but you can also follow @stegi_occ on Instagram & check #emptystegi for more excellent content!

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Festive melancholy


It’s been a while since the last post, lots of new things, projects & big changes happening in my life at the moment and it’s been exciting to say the least. Last week Fanis, Lia, Maria & myself were having some morning fun shooting at the Athens Hilton, as we were commissioned to create some digital content on their behalf. The hotel was already decorated for Christmas and so we started doing our thing in the lobby, while staff and guests were staring at us, wondering what exactly we were up to.  Here are some shots I took with the DSLR.

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