On assignment in Kavala

I have been relatively quiet, it’s winter after all and I have been trying to get back into fitness after the Xmas holidays – going to the gym and all and enjoying some free time at home. But early February I was sent to Kavala on assignment with Taxidia magazine by Kathinerini. Although not the best time to visit, as the weather can be  quite tricky, especially in February and more specifically in northern Greece, I was so excited as Kavala has been one of those places I had heard so much about but never visited. When I found out we were going to be staying at one of Greece’s most iconic and historical hotels, Imaret, I was more than thrilled. This is a destination hotel by all means, a good enough reason to visit Kavala for. Of course the city itself is very pretty, with the old town built under a castle and surrounded by the sea, with many tavernas serving fresh fish delicacies and some really nice cafes and bars to enjoy a night out. I would definitely love to visit this city again during late spring or early summer, as the locals told me, it’s quite different and more vibrant. Plus there are many beautiful beaches nearby and of course Thasos, another island on my bucket list.  Below is a selection of images I made during the assignment, but you can read all about our visit in detail and see more photos it if you catch the latest Taxidia magazine or soon online at Greece Is website.

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