New year, old habits

My first post for 2018 is all about how I spent the last days of 2017. Exactly the same way I’ve been spending it the last few years, in the same house in Ano Doliana in Arcadia, with the same company doing exactly the same things. Things such as eating lots of amazing food, playing cards for hours and when in need of a break, we go for long walks in the nearby chestnut forest. Unfortunately there was no snow this year, check last year’s post though. Having a routine in your vacation is so comforting and clearly I don’t want to change this recipe at all. But I did change one recipe this year and that’s the season’s cocktail. Last year it was all about Grey Goose Le Fizz, this year it is all about Espresso Martinis. The recipe is quite simple, all you need is 45ml Grey Goose Vodka, 25ml espresso, 15ml coffee liqueur, a pinch of fleur de sel, lots of ice and (VERY) good shaking skills. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with grated chocolate or a few coffee beans. This was the perfect accompaniment to our long card sessions, perfect both before or after dinner. Try it out, if you like coffee you will love it!



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