The appreciation of light

Τhis will be a rather different post than my usual, more travel oriented ones. This post is about my relationship with the sun and the vital importance of light on my everyday life.  After what it felt like a long winter, with the shorter days, colder temperature, rainy weather and long dark nights being the normal, all I wanted to do was to take refuge in my warm home and prepare my self for the coming of spring. This is the drive behind this post; the transition from winter to spring. A major turning point from a time of nesting and preparation, to actually becoming more extrovert and working towards our goals. In nature, we can sense this transition even more intensely. We are taken over by its blossom, swept away by the awakening of plants and animals…The days become warmer, the light is much stronger. That’s when I get this dominant feeling of wanderlust again and I just want to be outdoors, soaking in the warm rays of sun like a sponge. Being a photographer, my appreciation for natural light goes even deeper, a never ending quest for capturing that perfect moment of illumination. Greece, this special place in the world, offers me abundance of light. The sun always shines brighter here. The Sun is a Greek God: idolised, worshipped, omnipresent and precarious. ‘He’ feeds my inspiration, but harms my skin. I should never forget ‘His’ power, thus, lesson for the months ahead: protect my ‘surface’ to nourish my ‘inside’.


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