Spring break in Mykonos

Winter felt too long this year and I couldn’t be any happier to see it go. But this transition from the cold, dark winter to the fresh and bright spring is something you can really enjoy and appreciate only when you are away from the city, in the nature. So when my friend Ilaria asked me to join her for a short business trip to Mykonos I was thrilled. As you already know, if you follow my journeys, Mykonos is my most visited island, I have been many times and at different seasons, from winter to summer. This time though it was unique. The island was so green and lush that it felt like being somewhere else. The locals said it’s because of the heavy rainfalls during the winter.┬áIt was quite windy during my stay, so unfortunately no swimming, but perfect for long walks on the beaches and enjoying this beautiful season where one should, the outdoors!

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