Inside EMST Athens

It’s been a year since I started trying to get into the new EMST building, Athens’ new Museum of Contemporary Art. I have been negotiating this with the Museum staff and it’s been really difficult for various reasons, one of them being the Museum not being ready. The building is the old Fix beer factory, a landmark in the area which for years has been under reconstruction and most Athenians have been impatient to visit it. The time is near for this, as the first step has been made and slowly the museum will be ready to open to the public.  This Saturday 17/5 I got invited to a press conference and I was allowed to bring some fellow photographers with me to shoot the inside of the new EMST. I must say I am very happy I had the opportunity for early access to this beautiful, new art space in the city. I can’t wait to shoot it again and looking forward to see it opening to the public soon. Here are some photos I managed to take so you can also get an idea of the building’s interior, as well as some more fun shots with my friends!

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