The Le Logis experience

Last week I was invited by Grey Goose to their 17th century chateau, located at a tiny village named Juillac-le-Coq, a 20 minute drive from Cognac, right in the heart of the French wine land. The amazing chateau can be visited on an invitation only basis. Once arrived we were greeted by our amazing hostsess Nadia Melot, who literally manages the entire home to the finest detail. From there on we had excellent food and well, lots of the world’s best vodka! The visit included an induction to the history of the brand by the man himself,  Francois Thibault, a mixology lesson and a fun bread-making class led by Nadia.  Our rooms were very cozy, just like the rest of the communal spaces like Le Salon and the breakfast area in the kitchen. Below are some photos and a short video just to get a glimpse of what these two amazing days in Le Logis were like!

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