Vive La Vodka

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you should be well aware of my love affair with Grey Goose. One of those brands that apart from the actual product, provide a rich experience every single time. And this time was no different. I was invited to Spetses island, just in time for the opening of the Classic Regatta. The Grey Goose team had arranged three speedboats for our transportation to the island from Athens and so that’s how our journey begins. Once arrived in Spetses, we were escorted to our hotel rooms where we were treated to a fantastic summer gift pack. From hats to perfumes to beach towels and of course Grey Goose vodka, everything one needs for a careless summer, it was all there. After checking in, we took our bicycles and headed to the Atelier, an amazing house on the island that the Grey Goose team had transformed into an immersive experience! Two days well spent…There were private chefs and bartenders to cater for us and a big pool to cool off, plus we got to collaborate with the bartenders’ team and create our unique summer cocktail! Honestly, the journey with Grey Goose just gets better and better, photos don’t do it justice, but click below to check a selection I made from the images I took while I was there.

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