Deerupting Paris

March has been fantastic so far and a major reason for this has been my experience at the global launch of Deerupt, a newly designed sneaker by Adidas Originals, in Paris. When I was invited by Adidas Greece to participate in this trip I was so thrilled, firstly because I know Adidas’ events are always perfect and secondly because, well, Paris..! Once we arrived all accommodation and transfer had been perfectly arranged by the Adidas team, the weather was perfect and so after checking in at the hip 1K hotel in Le Marais, I just wanted to go out and enjoy this cool city that I hadn’t visited for almost 10 years. The most amazing part of that day though, was the exclusive private dinner in a secret location, somewhere under the Louvre, for the launch of the brand new Derrupt. The next day it was all about networking with the coolest creative crowd and partying hard with sets from Justice, The Blaze and Brodinski. You can read my interview in Lifo here for more juicy details.  In the meantime check out some pics from the event and from my walks in Paris with Evangelia!

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