Flying Satellite 

For those who know me, you are probably aware that I travel quite often for work and pleasure. The Athens International Airport has become a second home to me in a way, I visit it at least 2-3 times a month for the last few years. Although I have flown so many times from the airport, I was not aware that there is a new terminal building, the Satellite building or STB for short. It’s like another autonomous airport within AIA. Complete with all the shopping areas, food and drink options you have in the main building, plus excellent views on the runway watching planes land or take off, something that is definitely missing from the main building. I thought I would make a video about this new terminal, showing a typical day when I have to go and work on location. On some trips all I take with me is my camera bag and a small bag for my clothes. This time I thought I would put the Satellite building’s shopping area to the test and see if I could travel without any luggage (apart from my photo equipment) and buy all I need at the new terminal before flying off to my destination. Check out and see for yourselves on the video below and let me know what you think!

Also included in this post are some making of images shot by Katerina Georgoudis while we were filming this project.



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